FourFourTwo founder Karen Buchanan has done some rather scary things in her time - promised Barry Fry she'd have dinner with him every week if Norwich won the next day (they did), cycled to Paris, gone for dinner with a group including a couple of Ipswich fans after the 5-0 at their place and tried not to swear, retrained as a teacher...

But none of those was as daunting, she says, as penning her chapter for TFTC2. "It had to be the best writing about football I've ever done. The equivalent of the party on the pitch at Crewe after Iwan and one F in Fleming had scored. Or going TOTLAPR. Or... so many good memories, so many great tales... the problem was how to capture them all and distill everything I wanted to say about my love of Norwich into just one definitive piece!" And it's a surprising read from someone who's made a living writing about football. Get TFTC2 to find out why she's glad she's 'just' a fan again.

You can buy Tales from the City here.