Lilie is a TV script writer, a novelist and also a Norwich City supporter. She has written for many popular BBC television series and serials, including Casualty, Holby, and EastEnders, as well as having been a script consultant/story adviser for Channel Four’s Playing the Field, a drama series about female footballers and admits she is proud of her record of sneaking unexpected NCFC references into scripts where she can…

Lilie wrote in the first volume of Tales from the City – a chapter called O Captain! My Captain - not, as you might suppose, a survey of City captains she has admired (or not), but a history of that glorious and silly apparition that appears at most football games of repute: the club mascot. "Our club has sillier ones than most, not only at the moment (a Canary and a Lemur) but has in the past also unleashed a Dumpling and a cat called Splat…There was even (I whisper it) a romance between two NCFC mascots…" she says.

Tales from the City Editor Mick Dennis describes Lilie in his introduction to Volume 1 as “a sore loser” – which is not wrong when it comes to games where City do not live up to her high expectations; but many a hideous defeat has been leavened for her by the sight of Captain Canary attempting to dry the tears of disconsolate children, which, she says would be "difficult when you are carrying a lot of excess (feather) weight around the midriff…"

We caught up with Lilie ahead of Norwich vs Birmingham City earlier this season, click here to watch our Q&A.

You can buy Tales from the City here.