Matt has been watching the 'orns since 1980 and writing stuff about the club, or about forthcoming opponents, since 1997. This began on the webpages of Blind, Stupid and Desperate and subsequently continued on the blog BHaPPY which came along when he and Ian Grant got "all middle aged and started developing families and stuff". He now sits in the Rookery with his two young daughters and says he even gets to watch the game occasionally.

Matt says: "I felt privileged to be asked to contribute to TFTV2. My piece covered the penalty shoot-out at St Andrews in the 1999 play-off, a much-told story but all the best ones are, or ought to be. It was the emotional zenith of the crazy run to promotion at the end of that season; I don't think I've  been as entirely focused on any one thing before or since".

We caught up with Matt following Watford's home game against Manchester City, you can watch our interview with him here.

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