Born in South Shields, Mike became a Sunderland fan in the Mick Buxton era. Lucky enough to see Roker Park and the Stadium of Light, he moved away to uni during the dark days of 2005 to get his degree in journalism. Then came London, and nine years later, is now living in New York with his wife. 

Whilst in London, he was faced with the usual accent problems, as well as a lack of pubs showing Sunderland games, and limited company with which to watch them. Which brings us to his chapter in Tales from the Red & Whites. 

Mike says "It was a huge surprise and a massive honour to be asked to be involved in this book - I was alongside legends of the club, stars of the media, and heroic fans who’d been through so much more than I had. My story may not be unique - there are Sunderland fans all over the world who face tougher challenges to tune in than I did - but I hope my chapter echoed the thoughts and feelings on what it’s like to be fan away from home." 

You can buy Tales from the Red & Whites here.